My Scratch 3.0 Feedback submissions

Suggestion: Feedback form should include a severity

It would help the Scratch team to identify the top issues if we gave you our estimate of the severity of each feedback report.

  1. Sev 1 - Crashes or prevents projects from running.
  2. Sev 2 - A workaround is possible but very difficult to use. (For example, an input field could only be edited by saving and reloading the program.
  3. Sev 3 - A fairly easy workaround exists. (For example, costumes are imported ungrouped rather than grouped but its easy to use the group command right after adding one.
  4. Sev 4 - Cosmetic or something that does not effect project execution or creation (missing help pages).

Suggestion: Make the text easier to read (#1)

The light yellow control blocks with the current, very narrow lettering is hard to read. Please consider making the background color a little darker and changing the font to be something easier to read.

Suggestion: Make the text easier to read (#2)

I suggest adding an Ease of Use menu. One of the options could be to switch to black text in the control blocks.

I am Mr-Dave on Scratch